Hello fellow Beatles-freaks and music lovers around the world!

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews of various albums, books, movies and shows that have a Beatle twist to them.  I’ve found that so many of the Amazon reviews are stacked with the author or band’s friends, family and fans, that the truth behind their work doesn’t really come out.

I admit, the opinions in these reviews are mine and mine alone (unless otherwise noted).  People are welcome to disagree with me…I always love a good debate.  If any authors or bands take offense to what I write, I would advise you take a good look at your work instead of trying to shoot the messenger.

I’m not trying to be anyone’s best friend…I’m just trying to describe things the way I see them.  I’m sure you’re all wonderful, loving human beings…but I’m not critiquing your personalities.  *wink*

If you would like me to review your Beatles related book or movie, email me at: beatles.freak.reviews@gmail.com.


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  1. were can i get a copy of the move

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