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Tea for Tuesday: Review of Mrs. McCartney’s Strawberry Green Fields

Mrs. Angie McCartney’s Organic Teas

Strawberry Green Fields



Tea(s) From: China

Region(s): Hunan Province

Antioxidant Level: High

Caffeine Content: Low


Once again, I made this tea in a small pot with 2 cups of water for one tea bag.  I let it steep for 7 minutes and paired it with a slice of triple chocolate mouse cake from my local Wegman’s market.

Strawberry Green Fields is made from Green tea, Papaya and Strawberry pieces.  Like the Liverpool Red tea, it’s the fruity aroma that will be the first thing to hit your senses as you raise the cup for a sip.  Despite it’s name and aroma, it’s the green tea flavor that stood out more than anything for me.  The fruit taste is there, but I honestly couldn’t have told you that it was made from papaya and strawberry had I not been told.

Strawberry Green Fields is an enjoyable light tea and I don’t believe the extra 2 minutes steeping time in the pot strengthened it any.  At first, I thought it was the way I was making the tea, but after having afternoon tea in Philadelphia over the weekend, I realized that liking stronger tea is just my personal taste.  When I get the time to enjoy the second teabag of Strawberry Green Tea that came in the variety pack, I will most likely use it in a large cup and forgo the teapot as I tend to like my tea a little stronger.

For more information, go to: Strawberry Green Fields

Strawberry Green Fields

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Tea for Tuesday: Review of Mrs. McCartney’s Liverpool Red Tea

Mrs. Angie McCartney’s Organic Teas

Liverpool Red Tea


Tea(s) From: South Africa

Region(s): Cederberg

Antioxidant Level: Medium

Caffeine Content: None – Caffeine Free Herb


My method for making tea:  Pour .5 litre bottle of spring water into kettle and bring to boil.  Pour water into teapot over teabag.  Steep 5 minutes.  Pour into cup over 2 sugar cubes.  Makes 2 servings.

I chose the teas to review in random order, but I gotta say I’m happy with my first choice: Liverpool Red Tea.  This is a rooibos based tea and is caffeine free (something us caffeine sensitive people appreciate).  The aroma from this tea is amazing and the elderberry and blueberry really standout as it’s steeping in the pot.  Incredible fruity taste, but probably could have steeped a minute or two longer…something I’ll try to remember when I make this again after a hard day’s night.

I did encounter one small issue, though, but I’m happy to report that it was easily rectified once I figured out what it was.  I had selected Burton’s Rich Tea biscuits to pair with this particular tea and that turned out to be a huge no-no.  The flavors just didn’t blend well at all.  For the Americans, Rich Tea Biscuits are very similar in taste to Nabisco Animal Crackers.  Once I put the cookies aside, the tea was wonderful.  I tried to think of what I would pair this tea with, but I came up blank.  I was honestly too busy closing my eyes and relaxing to think about it.

This tea can definitely stand on it’s own as a nice relaxing tea in the afternoon or evening without any cakes or cookies.  Enjoy!

For more information, go to Mrs. McCartney’s Teas: Liverpool Red Tea

Helpful link about afternoon tea: Afternoon Tea Etiquette – Top 10 Dos & Don’ts

Liverpool Red


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Beatles Freak Reviews adds new ‘Tea for Tuesday’ feature for summer 2015 | PRLog

Beatles Freak Reviews adds new ‘Tea for Tuesday’ feature for summer 2015 | PRLog.

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