Book Review: “Dakota Days” by John Green


One thing leads to another…

I found out about Dakota Days by John Green (1983) from reading a book that I had previously reviewed. Who is John Green? Well, a lot of Beatles fans know him as Charlie Swan…Yoko and John’s tarot card reader! Yes folks…even the psychics cashed in on Lennon’s death!

A mere 260 pages, this book is a hoot! Who knows how much of it is factual (probably not much), but it amused me to no end. The book opens with Yoko placing a call to her tarot card reader, John Green, to let him know that John Lennon has moved back home after his “long weekend”. She tells Green that he must change his name to Charlie Swan because John is going to be jealous that he has the same name as him! SERIOUSLY!

For those of us who are not Yoko fans, this book just proves that she really is just as crazy as we all believe she is. (For those that are Yoko fans, this book will be filled with lies). From the beginning, John Green makes himself out to be the Ono-Lennon’s greatest marriage and financial counselor, but fails to mention he was apparently fired by Yoko after he didn’t warn of Lennon’s murder.

One standout moment in this book…when Yoko discloses to Charlie Swan that she originally went after John Lennon to get Paul McCartney’s attention. It was Paul she originally had eyes for. She then continues on to say that Paul is very sexually attracted to her…she can tell by the way that he looks at her that Paul McCartney wants her!

It’s one bizarre moment after another. This book is really a waste of paper, but for a good laugh, Beatles freaks should read it.  And for that reason…

I rate this book, 2 out of 4 Beetles!




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7 responses to “Book Review: “Dakota Days” by John Green

  1. I actually thought this book was rather insightful. Yoko really did meet Paul first- as admitted by Paul himself many years later. She was looking for a present for John cage’s birthday- and thought handwritten Beatles lyrics would be the ideal gift. Paul said no, and “sent her along to John’s house”. And the rest is history I guess- except for that time when Yoko said on the David frost show she had “no idea who the Beatles were” when she met John. What a bunch of Bologna!!!
    Thanks for the write up on this one. I enjoy your insightful thoughts. Thanks!


    John Green’s (Charlie Swan’s) book quotes Yoko extensively, and the quotes are based on his taped conversations with her. The book reads like fiction but is largely factual.

  3. William Wilson

    I own a copy of this book (Dakota Days, by John Green) as well as The Last Days of John Lennon, by Fred Seaman. Both are highly enjoyable and very interesting reads, filled with fascinating and intimate details of Lennon’s final years. I highly recommend them both to any Lennon or Beatles fan, and I disagree with the reviewer’s statement that Dakota Days is “a waste of paper.”

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