Meet the Reviewers

Hello…my name is Jennifer Vanderslice and the owner/editor/reviewer of this site! I was born 6 months after the Beatles hit the tarmac at JFK airport and was admittedly a late bloomer when it came to the Fab Four. I definitely was a McCartney/Wings fan before realizing the Beatles are the greatest band that has ever graced our planet.

After realizing there were no websites that dealt specifically with reviewing Beatles related books (new and old), shows, and music, I decided to start this site.

I’m also the owner of MoonGlow PR where I help authors get their books noticed by the press and public. It’s a sweet gig, but it’s made even nicer when I find an author who writes about the Beatles!

If you want to contact me, you can email here.



I’m Amy McGrath Hughes, your second mate here at Beatles Freak Reviews.

The coolest thing ever in my life was discovering The Beatles when I was 12. It’s not a revelation to state that most people who find them do not soon forget the impact they had on music and lucky for us, continues to inspire the next generations of fans.

I was born in that magical year of 1964 and with a distant memory of a 7th-grade English class textbook, seeing the lyrics to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ put me on the right path.

My career has been spent in the creative field – art, photography, design – with a few years in the ‘90s sidetracked into journalism, covering the alternative scene (as it was called back then!), interviewing musicians, going to gigs, supporting local artists in my hometown of Boston and then years later, attending my first Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago in 1998 and then in 2016, interviewing Fest guests.

I’ve been to Liverpool and London, seen Paul McCartney a few times and welcome all feedback on my words. It continues to be a fab ride!

Feel free to contact me here.