I Saw The Beatles – Episode 42 with guest Eric Bazilian of The Hooters

Welcome back to a very special episode of I Saw The Beatles! This week were are thrilled to be interviewing Eric Bazilian – founding member of The Hooters! Eric shares with us what it was like to see the Beatles play twice, the influence that had on his musical career and the really jaw-dropping experiences of meeting Paul, George and Ringo after he became a Hooter!

**Eric called into the show from Sweden on his cellphone so the audio may sound uneven, but we’d like to thank Cliff Hillis for his outstanding work in making it as smooth as possible!

Friday, August 13 – Hooters in Quakertown, PA tickets

Saturday, August 14 – Hooters at Appel Farm, NJ tickets

Friday, October 22 – Hooters at The Keswick, Glenside, PA tickets

Runtime = 51 mins.

Source: I Saw The Beatles – Episode 42 with guest Eric Bazilian 


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