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Book Review: “When Life Sends You Lemons, Make LENNONAID: What John Lennon’s life did for mine” by Kaya John

When Life Sends You Lemons, Make LENNONAID: What John Lennon's life did for mine Kaya JohnWhen Life Sends You Lemons, Make LENNONAID: What John Lennon’s life did for mine by Kaya John was recommended to me by a friend. In fact, I was asked if I would be willing to interview the author for my blog. Instead, I think a review of this self-published autobiography/memoir is in order.

As a publicist for several self-published authors, I’m generally very lenient when reviewing self-published books. I believe everyone has a story to tell and should at some point in their life share their story with the world. I went into this book with the same attitude and early on came to the decision that it would be very hard to rate someone’s memoir, let alone judge their life story. Kaya’s story is that of a broken and abusive childhood and the only thing that brought her joy was the music of the Beatles and John Lennon. I could relate…until page 131.

I somehow feel quieter inside now that Cynthia has finally let it all out. That needed to happen. We needed to know that about John and Cynthia really needed to tell it. I was always so afraid of what her truth might be. I understood about the coldness and the temper but I must say I was relieved to find out he only hit her once, I was really afraid he could have been a real constant physical abuser. So he wasn’t as bad as I though he might be.

Did she really just justify all of John’s abuse because he only hit his wife Cynthia once? Is she excusing the physical abuse against May and Yoko too? I found this one paragraph incredibly disturbing. But the author didn’t stop there.

Ms. John talks excessively about her parent’s flaws, illnesses and addictions that led to her not so happy childhood, but only hints at her own flaws including addiction and a failed marriage at some point in her life. She also goes on to lecture about the importance of becoming a vegetarian or vegan, even sinking so low as to say about those who eat meat: “And I wonder what the mutilation, torture, rape, confinement and murder of conscious, intelligent animals is doing to their soul.”

The last 26 pages of this 180 page book are all about the “Beatles friends and family” that Kaya has met over the years and all of her best memories of attending all but one Fest for Beatles Fans, making this book read more like a blog than a book. In fact, I would recommend she take up blogging instead of writing books…

I couldn’t rate this book even if I wanted to…sorry.

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Winners of “Once There Was A Way” Giveaway!

Congratulations to the three winner so Bryce Zabel’s new book, “Once There Was A Way“….

Tom Aguiar
Pattie Noah
Chris Behmer

Please email me your mailing addresses so I can send them off to the publisher who will mail your books to you after the holidays.

Peace and love to all!

See you all in the New Year with my review of this book….


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MoonGlow PR’s Favorite Music, Books, Blogs, Etc. 2017

Source: MoonGlow PR’s Favorite Music, Books, Blogs, Etc. 2017

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No Review today…but here’s what is coming up!

Good morning loyal readers and newbies to my blog,

I seem to have fallen behind on my reading this past week and I have books piled up on my end table waiting to be read! Not only that…I have a new CD to review for you too. Here’s a list of what to expect in the next four weeks (not necessarily in this order):

David Bowie A Life Dylan Jones


David Bowie: A Life by Dylan Jones





Riding So High The Beatles and Drugs Joe Goodden



Riding So High: The Beatles and Drugs by Joe Goodden





The Beatles Fifty Fabulous Years Robert Rodriguez


The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years by Robert Rodriguez





Now It’s All This! – The Red Button







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Mea Culpa Contest

My apologies for not having a review this week, but you’ll be happy to hear that I’m in the middle of reading a very good book. Not a lot of Beatles content, but still great.

So as my ‘mea culpa’ to my readers, I’m going to giveaway some stuff from my trip to NAMM this past January. The prize package includes: a NAMM media bag,  a Voxx Amplification Ltd sticker, a NAMM show guitar pick, a Lennon Educational Bus guitar pick and a Lennon Educational Bus passenger bag.

All you have to do is leave a comment below to be entered. Only one comment per person is allowed. I will announce the winner on Sunday, July 16th. Good luck.



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Julian Lennon’s “SALTWATER” 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl!


Just saw this in my email. A 7″ 25th Anniversary Limited Edition of Julian Lennon‘s hit single Saltwater on clear vinyl?! Maybe I’m just channeling my inner 1980’s persona, but I just have to have this and thought maybe some of my readers may too! Order your copy here!

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Dinner Specials…with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson…Live 10/17 with guest Paul Doherty of The Vals

They hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland…and they celebrate the art of making music with their psychedelic pop sound that gives a polish to the 60’s in a way that’s all their own. Join May and Cynthia as they welcome Paul Doherty of The Vals…live…Monday noon eastern…no filter, no net…all fun…

Source: Dinner Specials…with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson…Live 10/17 by May Pang | Entertainment Podcasts

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Top 20 Search Terms used to find Beatles Freak Reviews

I always find it interesting how people find my site and what they enter into their search engines to get here. Well, here’s the answer! Here is a list of the Top 20 search terms used that lead people to Beatles Freak Reviews blog:


Search Views
the love we make documentary 460
the love we make 183
the love we make movie 145
the love you make documentary 124
let him be movie 92
is nowhere boy a true story 47
amazon beatles music 36
nowhere boy true story 29
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let him be movie review 26
let him be review 24
beatlesque 21
such as us 20
john lennon all i want is the truth summary 18
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the love we make review 18
a date with a beatle 17
the love we make film 17
movie the love we make 16
john lennon all i want is the truth book summary 14



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Did ya know…

On September 23, 1968, in the very first episode of “Here’s Lucy” with Lucille Ball, the subject of the Beatles actually come up in a conversation when Harry says he needs a band for an event and would like to hire them…for $100!

Click here to watch the episode FREE on Hulu!


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Charity auction: Signed, dated and number 1/100 – Promotional poster for book 2 in John Lennon series

This auction will end in 24 hours on Sunday, August 21st at 9:24 a.m. (et) and at the end of the auction, I will remove this post from my blog…

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this poster will go to the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

This poster was custom framed immediately after receiving it and is in immaculate condition! AND it’s SIGNED, DATED AND NUMBERED 1/100 by the author! Unlike the first book in the series which has had several reprints, this book only had it’s initial printing of under 5000 copies. The books themselves sell for over $250 each on Amazon. That makes this poster very rare and highly collectible!

You can find more information and bidding info at:[1]

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