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Book Review: “Bumping into Geniuses” by Danny Goldberg

Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business by Danny Goldberg is another book I had taking up room on my shelf and collecting dust.  It was time to do or die…either it was going to stay or go.

Danny Goldberg has done just about every possible job in the music industry possible…from reviewer to president of a major record label.  He’s another man that die-hard rock fans would just love to hate.  And for the first 60 pages of this book, I hated him so extensively that I thought I’d never be able to finish this book as he went on and on about all the people he knew, met, partied with and their inner circle.  Using one of my husband’s favorite words, this book appeared to be nothing more than a ‘masturbatory’ autobiography!  But then things take a turn…

His stories become real after page 60.  Not that they weren’t real before, but when he became the publicist for Led Zeppelin, Mr. Goldberg starts to admit to his shortcomings and doubts about his abilities to bring the very much deserved attention to an amazing band that shied away from interviews and wasn’t yet recognized for their talents.  It wasn’t until he compared one of their concerts to the Beatles at Shea Stadium that he was able to get them front page status.  And his behind the scene stories of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are a great insiders look at the workings of how these guys ended up being Rock Gods.

But Goldberg doesn’t stop there.  He tells about representing Stevie Nicks, Warren Zevon, Nirvana and so many other rock legends.  You’ll learn what these stars are/were like off stage as well as on in this book.  I actually could not put this book down after page 61.  And for that reason,

I rate this book, 4 out 4 Beetles!

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You can order a hardcover copy of this book on Half.com for about $0.75.


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