Review: STAX Does the Beatles

STAX Does the Beatles

STAX Does the Beatles

Let’s start out by saying I’m not a jazz or R&B fan. I found this CD a year ago while I working at a local music store and thought I’d give it a spin.

This album is made up of 15 covers of what appears to be the most popular of the Beatles songs. Some of the songs include the vocal and some are just instrumental interpretations.  Some of the names covering these songs are: Otis Redding, Booker T., Carla Thomas, Issac Hayes and John Gary Williams.

Though not my type of ‘sound’, I feel that there can be a place for many of these songs, whether in a restaurant, elevator or at a live performance.  All in all, most of these won’t leave the listener either cringing or with their ears bleeding.  The only song I found truly offensive was Reggie Milner’s version of “And I Love Her”….the song was rendered unrecognizable!

All the albums and books that I review, I will try to list on my Beatles-Freak Amazon store (see links in right-hand column) page for my readers to investigate further.  This particular album you can buy used at Amazon for $1.45!
Rated – 2 out of 4 Beetles


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  1. $1:45 for the chance to hear Isaac Hayes cover the Beatles?! Sign me up!

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