Tea for Tuesday: Review of Mrs. McCartney’s Rockstar Rescue

Mrs. Angie McCartney’s Organic Teas

Rockstar Rescue



Tea(s) From: Egypt / South Africa / Bulgaria / Germany / Vietnam
Region(s): Nile River Delta / Cederberg / Ludogorie / Black Forest / Mekong Delta
Antioxidant Level: Low
Caffeine Content: None – Caffeine Free Herb



It’s been a tough week in the Beatles Freak Review office and on the home front.  I’ve been busy cleaning out my late parent’s home to get it ready for settlement next week.  It’s been emotional and tiring.  I’ve also been trying to get ready to take Beatles Freak Reviews to New Orleans this coming weekend.  Fear not, my loyal readers, I will be posting from the Big Easy!

With everything going on, today was a great time for a cuppa Rockstar Rescue from Mrs. McCartney’s Tea selection.  Here’s my review:

This having been a hard week, I truly looked forward to the decaffeinated tea for one of my afternoon breaks.  This tea is made from rooibos, chamomile, linden + passion flower petals, lemon balm + lemon verbena leaves, anise, cinnamon, orange pieces and oat.  I really thought it would be the cinnamon and anise that would stand out flavor wise, but it was the citrus-y lemon and orange that came through.  It went very well with the pear tart with almonds, but didn’t mesh well with the chocolate.  Definitely a tea to enjoy with any type of fruity tart or possibly apple pie.

This is definitely a tea that I will be enjoying in the evenings when the colder months move in here.

This week’s tea was paired with a pear tart, dark chocolate ganache and Meringue from the Strawberry Bakery in Malvern, PA.




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2 responses to “Tea for Tuesday: Review of Mrs. McCartney’s Rockstar Rescue

  1. Denice Hogan

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I know how emotionally and physically exhausting this time can be. Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way.

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