Tea for Tuesday: Review of Mrs. McCartney’s Blueberry Meanie

Mrs. Angie McCartney’s Organic Teas

Blueberry Meanie




Tea(s) From: Sri Lanka
Region(s): Nuwara Eliya + Dimbula + Uva
Antioxidant Level: High
Caffeine Content: Medium


Since this week’s book review was for a book about Wings by John Taylor, who used to play in a Beatles tribute band called The Blue Meanies, it only seemed appropriate that this week’s tea review be for Blueberry Meanie tea!  I paired this tea with Biscoff cookies.

According to the Mrs. McCartney’s Tea website, Blueberry Meanie is made from: Black tea, Elderberry + Raisin pieces, Hibiscus petals and Natural flavors.  The black tea makes this a stronger tea like last week’s Good Morning! tea (just the way I like it), but it doesn’t have the berry flavor you would expect or find in the Liverpool Red tea.  I caught a better taste (or should I say aroma) of the blueberries in the after taste and when I exhaled through my nose from the linger tea on my palate after taking a sip.  And though this tea contains hibiscus petals, I didn’t get catch any floral flavors.  But your mileage may vary.

This was a very enjoyable tea and I look forward to having another cup in the future.



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