Tea for Tuesday: Review of Mrs. McCartney’s Golden Slumbers Herbal Green Tea

Mrs. Angie McCartney’s Organic Teas

Golden Slumbers Herbal Green Tea



Tea(s) From: China
Region(s): Zhejiang Province
Antioxidant Level: Medium
Caffeine Content: Low


There are days when I look forward to sitting down in the evening and relaxing with a cup of tea while sitting on my screened in back porch, so I was really looking forward to Golden Slumbers Herbal Green Tea long before I had to sit down and write this review.  I chose to go the traditional American route and have this with a slice of apple pie.

As soon as I opened the bag to get out a tea bag, I was met with the sweet smell of oranges…my absolute favorite fruit!  But it’s kinda interesting that the ingredients make no mention of orange being in this tea.  Unfortunately, that’s going to be as good as this review gets.  This is the first tea that I can say I was truly disappointed in.  Despite my very best efforts to steep and stir the tea bag, this tea would just never get strong enough.  I don’t believe it’s just my taste for strong tea that was the problem.  There was barely a tint to the water after 7 minutes of steeping in the pot.  I think if I didn’t add to lumps of sugar, I would have never finished it.

I’m afraid to say, but this one needs to be kicked up a notch, Angie.  At least the pie was good….





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