Book Review: “Son of a Beach Boy” by Scott Wilson

Me and Scott Wilson at MANCIt’s really a shame that Son of a Beach Boy is so poorly written, because the stories within are just amazing.  This is Scott Wilson‘s story of growing up as the son of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson.  It’s his story that was adapted into this book by an acquaintance of his.  Despite it’s less than stellar writing, it’s well worth picking up to read.

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Wilson this past weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention where he was appearing and signing his book.  His friend Mitch was standing in front of my table where I was selling Beatles books.  Mitch and I started talking and next thing I know, he says, I’m here with the son of a Beach Boy.  He called Scott over, told me about his book, so I made a point to get a copy (and a picture with him…he’s really good looking!).

Scott pours his heart out in this book and at one point brought tears to my eyes when he tells of being sent away to a school in Guatemala.  I actually had to put the book down and go distract myself for a while before going to bed.  The stories are so engaging, and the book is not very long, that I was able to finish it the next morning.

Once you get past the fact that this is written on the level of a high school report, you won’t be able to put it down.  And if you ever get the chance to meet Scott, you’ll be as enamored with him as I was and still am.  And though he doesn’t mention them in this book, he does have stories of his dad hanging out with Paul McCartney.

Scott’s led a roller coaster ride of a life as the son of one of the greatest American bands that ever graced this earth and his story deserves to be heard.  I can only hope that this book falls into the right hands and a publisher take him under his wings and turns this book into the book that is deserving of such a great story.

Unfortunately, due to the writing….

I rate this book: 3 out of 4 Beetles!



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3 responses to “Book Review: “Son of a Beach Boy” by Scott Wilson

  1. Karen

    I ghost worte this book for Scott when he was my boyfriend and his mom proof read it and edited it, though we kept it in Scott’s own words as much as possible so it was REAL. Sorry you feel it is badly written. Carole has two other published books and Scott is very happy with the book….but thanks for your honest review and love your photo. Hugs Karen xxx

  2. Vicki Klopp

    I enjoyed this book immensely! I was less concerned with the quality of the writing than the touching stories about Scott and Dennis. Although no one including Scott can deny the fact that Dennis had major issues, his huge heart, compassion, lack of pretension and love of life is both endearing and heartbreaking.
    Thank you Scott for your labor of love on behalf of your dear father and his fans who will never forget..

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