Have you seen “Caveman”? Then vote for Macha!

As you may have noticed, occasionally I’ll throw out a blog post asking for my readers to help support a good cause.  This post is no different.  But… this has a slight Beatle-ly twist!

Some of you may or may not know about our dog Macha that we adopted two years ago from our local SPCA. Macha was a two year old stray pit-bull that had been hit by a car and brought to the Chester County SPCA after being found and picked up by the local police in June 2014. The good doctors at the SPCA couldn’t save Macha’s left rear leg and had to amputate it. After seeing a write up about her in the monthly newsletter, we decided to go see her to find out if we could adopt her. And so began our love affair with this dog!

We tried to find a new name for her, but she seemed to respond so well to Macha, that we left it alone. We tried looking up the name to see where it came from, but it wasn’t until one day when my husband had a sudden flashback that we realized…she was named after the dinosaurs in the movie “Caveman” with Ringo Starr.  In fact, “Macha!” is the first word spoken in the movie. Here’s a clip with them talking about the dinosaur:

So, what does this all have to do with you, my fellow Beatles Freaks?  Well, the Brandywine Valley SPCA is having a photo contest to find 13 dogs to grace the pages of their 2017 calendar and we’ve entered our dog MACHA.  We would love (and be eternally grateful) if you got reach into your pockets and make a small donation to vote for our dog. Yes, it costs money to vote. You can give as little as $1, but know that all the money goes to the Brandywine Valley SPCA and that it is a NO KILL SHELTER!

Vote for MACHA by clicking here!

Thank you all for listening and reading along with me. A new review has already been written and will be posted this Sunday at 7 a.m.!



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