Movie Review: “The Lennon Report”

The Lennon Report was recommended to my husband and I from a guy my husband met in a cigar store a couple weeks ago. My husband said he was interested in seeing it too, so the search was on to find it! As it turns out, the movie, which seems to have been released in October 2016, is only available to rent or buy online and has yet to be released on blue ray or disc.

The Lennon Report is a 1 hour 24 minutes recreation of the last hours of John Lennon’s life. From the moments before he was shot up until Yoko tells Sean his father is dead, this movie aims to let fans know what exactly happened in the hospital as the doctors and nurses tried to save John.

Here’s the trailer:

Though the acting leaves a bit to be desired, I gotta say, I really enjoyed watching this movie. It’s not over dramatized with a lot of unnecessary screaming and over the top emotions. It appears to show the true to life surprise by the hospital staff when they are told that the dying man on the table in front of them is John Lennon and it then reveals their above and beyond attempts to save his life.

As an added bonus – The doctor and one of the nurses who operated on Lennon, along with the reporter who was there, all appear at the end of this movie and talk about that fateful night.

There is no doubt in my mind that every Beatles fan and Lennon fan will love seeing this film. But as I said, you’re going to have to look past the weak acting skills on the part of some of the players. And for that reason…

I rate this movie, 3 out of 4 Beetles!










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4 responses to “Movie Review: “The Lennon Report”

  1. I’ve been debating for a while whether or not I wanted to see this particular film. After seeing such horrible movies as “Nowhere Boy”, “Lennon Naked” etc., I’m getting very tired of Lennon Bio-pics. It could possibly be that I know so much about him at this point that I can spot a mistake from a mile away and it irritates me to no end (“all I want is the truth”). Generally speaking, all of these movies have so many untruths in them that they start to make me angry. His life was interesting enough without having to add a bunch of crap that never happened. I would rather see a movie based on either speculation (“Two Of Us”, “The Hours and Times”) or a movie using him as the focus but is intended to be purely fiction or fantasy (“Let Him Be”) even if they turn out to be poorly acted. I always end up with an inner turmoil of not wanting to get pissed off again and appeasing the historian/collector inside me who has to see everything, even if it’s bad. Admittedly, the trailer is intriguing but I still don’t know if I want to see it. Not to mention that there are other movies and documentaries that I haven’t been able to see (due to lack of funds mostly) that I know I will enjoy such as the new Ron Howard documentary, “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week.”

    • Full disclosure tells me that I should mention that there is another reason why I’ve been hesitant to see this particular film. Because I was living in New York City at the time, and spent so much time (almost 3 days) standing numb in front of the Dakota beginning about two hours after the announcement was made (I think I had to be there to see if it was really true), I don’t that I’m ready to relive it quite yet.

      • Hi Pattie,

        I’m not the Lennon fan or expert that you are, but my best advice for you to see this film would be to watch it as the story of the hospital, doctors and nurses that worked on John that night. I think you’d enjoy it…even as morbid as it is.


  2. Ken Bennett

    As an avid Lennon fan for many decades I have to say this movie was a HUGE disappointment. I had to turn it off after an hour. Other reviews say to overlook the poor acting and obvious low budget constraints of the film, but I won’t. I believe in the old saying, “If you can’t do something right, don’t do it at all”, and this attempt at recreating the story of Lennon’s death falls short in all categories. The casting, screenplay, cinematography, direction, and just about everything else was amateur. It appeared to be the work of a college level film student that was way in over their head and the life and death of Lennon deserved way more than what was delivered here.

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