Book Review: “Rod: An Autobiography” by Rod Stewart

I found my copy of Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart (or should I call him Sir Roderick David Stewart? Nah, I’m an American) on the discount rack at my local Barnes & Noble store for $6.98. The book was originally published in October 2012 and you can find a hardcover copy on Amazon for under $2.

After quickly thumbing through the index and seeing that The Beatles appear 8 times in this book, I decided to give it a go.  Also, according to the index, Lennon gets one mention, McCartney gets 5 mentions, Harrison gets 1, and Ringo zero. This would lead one to believe that since Rod was born in London in 1945, just two years after George Harrison and started his music career in the mid 1960’s, that he would talk of The Beatles early influence and his encounters with them along the way. But…one would be wrong to assume that. The Fab Four only get mentioned in passing in the ego-driven autobiography. Yeah, it’s his story, so that would make sense…but Rod takes it to a new extreme!

Let’s just say that the nickname Rod “The Mod” Stewart, is not short for “THE MODEST”! This book should be renamed to Rod: The Brag Book. Despite his attempts at admitting to the wrongs he’s done  throughout his life and career, in my eyes it came off more as a former frat boy’s locker room bragging about his drug fueled party days and the who’s who list of the women and Playboy models he’s bedded (he actually brags about cheating on one Playboy model with another Playboy model). As he gets older, he finds new and more awkward ways of making his readers cringe, like the Christmas dinner at his house in 2000 when all his baby mommas (seven kids by four different women) and ex-wives came over to cook! I guess this was the Stewart family version of Sister Wives….

Rod does try to dispel some of the rumors that have followed him throughout his career. The first two rumors I had never heard (but I’ve never been a huge Rod Stewart fan), but the last one was a huge one on my list of celebrity rumors that I had heard back in the late ’70s, early 80’s about him having his stomach pumped of A LOT of semen! Kudos to him for having the guts to bring this up, but I get the impression he enjoyed telling the story.

Rod Stewart fans are going to love this book…Beatles Freaks not so much as it seems to be a book about his sexual conquests, his hair and his model train collection! And let’s not forget his first big hit song, Maggie May! He’s going to remind you every other chapter that wrote the song Maggie May and it’s about losing his virginity. (In my best Jan Brady voice…) Maggie May! Maggie May! Maggie May! And for that reason…

I rate this book, 2 out of 4 Beetles!






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  1. That’s funny. I’m a fan but perhaps not enough of one to read this.

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