Book Review: “And in the End: The Last Days of The Beatles” by Ken McNab

Several months ago, I received an advanced reader copy of And in the End: The Last Days of The Beatles by Ken McNab. I was asked by the publisher not to review it until closer to the release date of August 18, 2020, but since I have two other books in my stack of books to be reviewed and since I couldn’t really put this book down, I decided to review it early.

Ken McNab, a journalist for Scotland’s Evening Times, has done a fantastic job of detailing the year 1969 in the life of the Beatles. Not only is it a blow by blow of their recording and business dealings, it goes into what was going on in their private lives as well. From the conflict caused by the hiring of Allen Klein as their manager, to the birth of McCartney’s first child, McNab gives a month by month history the Fabs.

I loved that this book was divided by the months of that year. It was so easy to just sit down and read a chapter a day and be able to pick up the next day to read what happened next. It’s a smooth and easy read of what many would consider the destruction of the Beatles as it happened. The infighting between McCartney and Lennon; Harrison’s desire to get out on his own; Ringo’s ability to always get along and follow with whatever may come.

The only problem is that December 1969 was not the end, but Ken McNab does include a brief Epilogue to fill in the blanks of what transpired in 1970 when The Beatles officially called it quits as a band.

And for that reason…

I rate this book, 4 out of 4 Beetles!




This book can be pre-ordered on Amazon along with their price guarantee of giving you the lowest price offered before the release date.



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