2021 Beatles Freak Holiday Wish List…

Tis the season…

The reviewers at Beatles Freak Reviews thought we’d try something new for the season of giving! We’ve thought long and hard and come up with our own Bealtely lists of Want, Need, Wear, Read – the idea being that you limit your giving to just four items from each category: Something you Want, Something you Need, Something you Wear and Something you Read. Here are my and Amy’s lists…

…and if you leave your own Want, Need, Wear, Read list in the comments, you’ll be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card and a Beatles Freak Reviews t-shirt! Winner will be chosen at 7 a.m. (et) Wednesday, December 15, 2021. One entry per person.

Jenn’s list:

Want: A Paul McCartney signature tattoo. (This could actually fit into all four categories!) This is a rare item now that Paul has decided that he’s no longer giving autographs, but before I die, I’d really love to have him sign me!

Need: To go to Liverpool! How can I really consider myself a Beatles aficionado when I haven’t been to Liverpool. But right now, between the pandemic and the price to fly into John Lennon Airport, it’s really not feasible.

Wear: I’m all about being cozy-comfy. And what better way to spend my leisure time than in a pair of Beatles themed loungewear pants! And I just love the placement of the Fab Four on these Sgt. Pepper pants! And there is a matching image place appropriately on the arse too!

Read: I actually tend to avoid the obvious books that everyone else feels the need to buy, read and review. I like to find older books or lesser known authors to read. But The Lyrics by Paul McCartney is absolutely the exception to this rule. I can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy to display proudly with my Beatles book collection!

Amy’s List:

WantPaul McCartney to tour in support of ‘The Lyrics’. Sure these books weigh more than 2 planets combined, but to have these volumes of work (from a perspective that is all HIS own), is definitely worth a want.

Need – More hours in the day to read all the Beatles and Beatles-related books that are published! I never foresaw how many authors pour out the fabness since I started reviewing. It’s a labor of love for everybody and every word that goes out to the page. I truly appreciate all the work – when I can find another couple of days to make it happen – that would be a miracle and need.

Wear – John Lennon’s rainbow-striped shirt from the ‘Get Back’ docuseries. Since Peter Jackson upped the vibrancy, every single frame jumps out. Lennon’s shirt was literally the first thing I became addicted to from the ‘Get Back’ series.
***Note from Jenn: Someone created a replica of it…here!


Read – Every single Beatles and Beatles-related book publishing in 2022! Yep, another wish list I could just kick back with for another 365 days. I have no qualms with length or depth. Just that ole time factor… I’d love to wring out every second if I could!
***A note from Jenn: Well Amy…here’s a list of Beatles books that you and everyone else can look forward to reading in 2022 according to Amazon!


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