Book Review: “Emerald Wren and the Coven of Seven” by J.J. Barnes

Again, a book has moved me enough to post a review of it. I started reading this book on Monday and finished it by Wednesday. In fact, I was trying to get yardwork done and failed miserably because I had to keep picking the book back up to see what happened next. My bookmark was a hang tag from my new raspberry bush! This book should be on everyone’s Beach Book and Summer Reading List.

And before you ask, the “Beatles” appear on page 54, making this review on topic.

Emerald Wren and the Coven of Seven by J.J. Barnes¬†is a 338 page novel that was first published on February 20, 2018. It’s self-published, but I think a publishing house might want to take a good look at this story. It’s got it all…witches, genies, faeries and werewolves….and Guinevere the talking cat! It’s so good, it would be banned in the state of Florida!

As a child, Emerald Wren’s grandfather gives her a magic lamp and a promise that she will change the world. As an adult, she is working as a waitress by day and leading a crime fighting coven of witches by night.

When the time comes to live up to her promise, things get dangerous.

A murderous man on a mission is hunting down a mysterious prophecy girl and leaving the burned bodies of women in his wake. Emerald and her friends set out to find her and save her. But who will get there first?

This book deserves a large audience…it deserves to be talked about and read! Anyone that knows my reading habits knows that I’m not usually oriented towards reading fiction, so when I do come across a novel that moves me, it must really be worth checking out. You’ll also be excited (I know I am) to hear that there is a sequel in the making! And while you’re at it, be sure to look into J.J.’s other books on

I rate this book, 4 out of 4 BEETLES!






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