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Book Review: “Daddy, Come Home: the true story of John Lennon and his father” by Pauline Lennon

Daddy Come Home: True Story of John Lennon and His Father by Pauline Lennon was a suggested read from Amazon.  Pauline Jones became John Lennon‘s step-mother in 1966 when she eloped with John’s father Alfred Lennon.  She was 20 and “Freddie” was 56.

Pauline met Freddie soon after John and his estranged father had reconciled in 1964 and even spent some time living and working at Kenwood for Cynthia and John as a nanny and doing secretarial work.

Pauline and AlfredI loved this book.  It really brought about a new light on an old subject of who Alfred Lennon was and why he acted in the way he did when it came to his first wife Julia and his son John.  Most of the book is taken from an autobiography that Alfred wrote in hopes of setting the record straight about his life and behavior, but the book never saw the light of day, because after a falling out with John (during his primal scream days), John forbade him to ever publish it.  The manuscript for the book was sent to John the week his father died.

Pauline also acts as a eye witness to several interactions between the on again, off again relationship between father and son and helps to tell Alfred’s story in his later years and after his death.

Whether you believe Alfred and Pauline’s stories or not, this is book is an easy and enjoyable read.  I burned through their wonderful love story and telling of their ups and downs as the most famous Beatles’ parents.  And for that reason…

I rate this book, 4 out of 4 Beetles!





Unfortunately, this book is out of print, so finding an inexpensive copy is difficult.  They’re currently selling for over $17.00 on Amazon.


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