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Bonus Book Review: “Unsinkable: A Memoir” by Debbie Reynolds

I’m going to create a new headline for books that I’ve read that aren’t Beatles related. If you see “Bonus Book Review” in the headline, you will know that book doesn’t mention the Beatles, making it easier to just pass-by the review if you’re not interested.


As I said in my last post about Carrie Fisher’s book, I bought that book as a companion read toUnsinkable: A Memoir by Debbie Reynolds (aka Princess Leia’s mom in real life). Debbie really has no connection to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that we Beatles freaks know and love, except maybe for the time in 1974 when she was invited to a party at Mick Jagger’s house and her children insisted she go and take them with her! A short but funny story that she tells in this book.

This book is very appropriately named. Debbie Reynolds, though always considered one of American’s sweethearts, took her fair share of knocks, especially from all three of her husbands! Yet, she got right back up again and kept moving. Every financial hit made her go out and work harder to recoup her losses to support herself and her two children – Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher. And Debbie talks extensively about her Hollywood memorabilia collection that she wanted to build a museum for, but instead had to auction off after her third husband put her into financial ruin.

Some stand out moments in this book include her talking about the biggest dicks in Hollywood…and I mean that literally! Sweet little Debbie dishes the dirt on some of the most well endowed Hollywood hunks! Or maybe when she tells the story of her first on screen kiss in the movie “Singin’ In The Rain” with Gene Kelly and he shoved his 34 year old tongue down her 19 year old virginal throat.

If you love old Hollywood musicals, like I do, then you’ll love reading about the (mis)adventures of Debbie Reynolds’ 70 year career in Tinseltown! And for that reason…

I rate this book, 4 out of 4 Beetles!






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Book Review: “Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fisher

And there it was…on page 102, “Anyway, a couple weeks later, I saw George Harrison at this dinner party, as one does, so I tell him…” BINGO! Permission to post a review of this book on my Beatles blog!

A friend and I went out to Barnes and Noble last week and as usual, I headed straight for the Biography section to see which celebrity was the latest to spill their guts.  Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher isn’t a new book. It was published in 2008 and it’s not Carrie Fisher’s first book either. Have I read the previous books? No. Have I seen the movie “Postcards from the Edge” based on her first book? No. Still, I wanted to read her mother’s book, Unsinkable: A Memoir by Debbie Reynolds, and I thought this would be a great companion to it.

carrie_fisher_star_wars_bikiniIn case I’m losing any of my male readers at this point, here’s a pic of Carrie in her infamous Star Wars metal bikini. Stick with me…this gets better!


Carrie Fisher is the daughter of the 1950’s America’s Sweetheart couple Debbie Reynolds (actress in “Singing in the Rain”) and Eddie Fisher (singer of “Oh My Pa Pa”). This rendered her incapable of knowing what a normal life was and she makes no bones about it…she’s not normal! And she does it in the funniest of ways, telling her tales of drug and alcohol addiction, her failed marriage to singer/songwriter Paul Simon and her electro-shock therapy treatments.  Yes…you read that right…Princess Leia is a nut case and she makes no excuses. Well, actually…she laughingly makes a lot of excuses.

Read the book. At 150 pages, it’ll only take you a day and it’ll make you feel so much better about your life. And for that reason…

I rate this book, 4 out of 4 Beetles!





And in the meantime, check out this great song and video by Melissa Cox – “To Carrie Fisher, with Love

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