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Book Review – The Last Days of John Lennon

The Last Days of John Lennon – A Personal Memoir : by Frederic Seaman

Okay, so I’m a bit behind on my reading (this book was published in 1991), but I’m not like a lot of Beatles freaks…I don’t feel the need to know every detail of the Fab Four’s lives to know that they were the greatest band the world has ever known.  I have to admit that I never heard of the conspiracy theories on John Lennon’s death until about 6 months ago.  This is one of the books that was on the recommended reading list of a friend that turned me on to this alternative premise as to how/why Lennon was murdered.

The author of this book, Frederic Seaman had the dream job of many Beatles’ fans around the world – he was John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s personal assistant.  And being the smart boy that he was, Frederic kept personal journals on the daily ins and outs and going-ons in the Lennono world.

I can honestly say that this book held my interest.  It’s definitely a different read than some of the other Lennon bios that I’ve read like: Larry Kane’s Lennon Revealed, Cynthia Lennon’s John and May Pang’s Loving John.  It also brought up a lot of questions in my mind as to who was the real John Lennon in those two years leading up to his murder.  Frederic Seaman’s book paints a very scary portrait of a man that Beatles fans never knew existed and an even scarier image of exactly who Yoko Ono was/is.

Would I recommend this book?  That depends on how you feel about Lennon’s image.  If you’re a diehard fan that wants to know every detail and read every word every written about the Beatles, then yeah…read the book. I will tell you though that this book came to me with a warning from a friend that those who follow believe the theory that there was a conspiracy to kill John Lennon have been the victims of some pretty bizarre events.

For me though, knowing this all information doesn’t help in bringing John Lennon back no matter what the circumstances were behind his death.  Nor will the next book on my reading list – Who Killed John Lennon? by Fenton Bresler.

Until the next time…R.I.P. John

Rated: 2 out of 4 Beetles



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Review: Let Him Be (movie)

I’m embarrassed to say that I got this movie over two months ago and am just now sitting down to write my review, but as John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

I give the writer/director a lot of credit for making this film. He’s just asking to get beaten up by Beatles fans around the world for trying to cash in. And I will admit that I thought the same thing going into watching this movie and several minutes into it.

Let Him Be is a story about a young man who comes across an old movie camera with a home movie taken at a children’s birthday party. He can’t help but notice that the guy playing guitar and singing for the kids has an uncanny resemblance to John Lennon. And that’s where the adventure begins as Tim and his girlfriend Kathleen trek across the back roads of Canada in search of the person they believe to be John Lennon.

It didn’t take long before I too was drawn into the story despite my original belief that this movie was made for the writer/director to get a piece of the big APPLE pie. But after a while I realized that the story wasn’t necessarily about Lennon. Any famous star that has left this world could be put into this tale and it would still be an outstanding tale.

This movies leaves its audience wondering, “If I was to find out that John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or James Dean was still alive, would I out them to the public?”

After seeing this movie, you’re answer may not be what you think!

Read more about ‘Let Him Be‘ on the official website: www.LetHimBe.com or on the IMDb: here

Rated: 3 Beatles

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