Beatles-A-Rama owner needs HELP! from listeners and fans

After a four year battle with prostate cancer, internet radio station owner needs a little help from his friends through an online fundraising campaign.

    Patrick Helmstetter (aka Pat Matthews) has two great passions: the Beatles and radio. His professional foray into radio began in the summer of 1970, as a part-time DJ in Harvey, Louisiana and since then, he’s never looked back.  In early 1964, Pat attended a party where they played The Beatles’ I Want To Hold Your Hand over and over…no one had even heard of The Beatles at the time, but he knew he was hooked on the Fab Four!  With the take-off of Internet radio in the late 90’s, Pat eventually found his niche in Beatles-A-Rama!!!, the internet radio station he created in 2001, which over the past decade has grown to over 30,000 listeners. In July 2006, Beatles-A-Rama!!! was included in a write-up about internet radio in Rolling Stone magazine and it’s been called “brilliant” and an easy way to get a PhD in music by listening.

In 2008, as Pat Matthews was growing Beatles-A-Rama!!! – a completely self-funded venture – he was faced with a personal health crisis when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Over the next four years and throughout the subsequent surgeries, medical bills, insurance premiums plus deductibles, and the physical and emotional stress of the illness, Pat continued to find solace in his work at Beatles-A-Rama!!!  He continued to produce the daily programming, and the weekly 2 hour Sunday morning program that streams to listeners all over the globe 24-hours/day. For the past 3 years, he has continued to be the sole financial backer of the radio station, covering streaming and domain fees. As medical bills have begun to take precedence, the funding is becoming harder for Pat to cover on his own.

In late 2011 Beatles-A-Rama!!! was lined up to receive a private investment of $250,000 however at last minute the investors vanished without a trace, leaving Patrick devastated. Now, he’s been forced to turn to the Beatles fans themselves for support to keep over a decades worth of his life’s work at Beatles-A-Rama!!! alive and playing the greatest music for many years to come. He is aiming to raise at least $150,000 through the fundraising website – The funds will go towards paying off the credit card that has been maxed out because of streaming charges over the past 10 years, and also to a pay for future streaming, licensing fees, etc. during Pat’s time of need.

Supporters can view Pat Matthews’ personal video and find out more about Pat, his story, and Beatles-A-Rama!!! at and . Help spread the word by sharing his fundraising site to every Beatles fan you know!



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