Two short stories for Kindle about The Beatles

I’m not going to offer any reviews for these two books that recently were released on Kindle.  Instead, I’ll just give you a quick note on what they are.

Please Please Me by Alan Hendler is a 39 page novella on the making of The Beatles ‘Please Please Me’ album.   Great detail is written about the recording of the album but,  the best way to describe this work of fiction is, “The names are the same, but the story has been changed to protect the innocent.”

It costs 99 cents on

She Loves You (excerpt) is a 44 page excerpt from Jude Kessler’s upcoming book by the same name.  The 3 chapters contained in this section of the expanded biography contained a detailed, blow by blow account of the writing and recording of the Beatles’ song, “She Loves You” in 1963.

This book is 99 cents at

If anyone would like to post their reviews of these two books, feel free to do so in the comment section of this post.


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