Four books I won’t be reviewing for you this week…

A funny thing happened this week. I read three books that I knew I wasn’t going to review. And then, come Friday, I finally cracked open (not literally since it was on my iPad) a book that I had planned on reviewing for this blog…but that’s not going to happen either. This left me in quite a predicament today with nothing at all to review! So, I decided I would tell you about each of the books and why I’m not going to review them for you. I still think you may find them of interest and you’re more than welcome to invest in your own copies if you’d like, but you’re going to have to develop your own opinion of them. So, here goes…

Rock Critic Law Michael AzerradLast month, I received this book in the mail unsolicited. I’m not sure why, but I believe it’s because I had once inquired about getting a review copy of another book the publishing house had recently announced. My copy of Rock Critic Law: 101 Unbreakable Rules for Writing Badly About Music by Michael Azerrad is labeled “Uncorrected PROOF Not for Sale”. When I looked up more details of the book (that weren’t listed on the one-off sheet that came with the book), it turns out that it won’t be published until December 2018. I wrote to the publicist on the one-off sheet and asked if I could review it and she said they would prefer I wait until closer to the release date. Okay….so we wait!

As some of you may know, I fill my daytime hours with being a publicist for authors who write about the Beatles. It’s a strict rule of mine not to review my clients work. It’s not fair to them, me or my blog audience. So when I was sent Mary’s Prayer by Mary McGuinness to read and consider her as a perspective client, I knew I wouldn’t/couldn’t review it. I’ll leave it at that since I seem to have already toed the line on what I feel I can ethically post on my blog. So, no review on this book either…

Long Players A Love Story in Eighteen Songs Peter Coviello

This is another book I got from Penguin books First to Read program, where I get advanced copies of ebooks in exchange for my reviews. I’ve reviewed a couple of them here in the past, but Long Players: A Love Story in Eighteen Songs by Peter Coviello is not a book I plan on reviewing on this page. As anyone can see, the title and cover (and Penguin’s description) might give one the impression that this book is about music, but it’s not…trust me…IT’S NOT! I still need to finish reading it though for the program, but it left me without a book to blog about this week.

As I mentioned in earlier, I’m a publicist by day, blogger by night and napper in-between. So this week, for the fourth (or fifth), but absolutely the final time, I proof-read Sandi A. Borowsky‘s soon to be published Exploring Fab Four Landmarks. I’m happy to report that the book is now on its way to the printers and will be released (most likely) in June.

So there you have it! I spent the week reading three books that I knew I wouldn’t review and one book that there was just no point in reviewing. Why did I publish this, you ask? Because I feel like a schlepp after waiting until the end of the week to start reading a book that I found to be so off topic that my fans would have questioned my sanity on choosing it to review!

I’ll try to redeem myself in next week’s post…



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