LIVE: The Creative Secrets of the Beatles – Guitarist Peter Asher, Author of “The Beatles from A to Zed”

This Friday, January 9, 2021 at 7 am (EST), Marc Silber will interview Peter Asher live on YouTube:

Marc Silber Interviews Peter Asher, a legendary record producer and performer about his book “The Beatles from A-Zed”. He takes readers on an alphabetical journey of insights into the music of the Beatles and individual reminiscences of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Peter Asher met the Beatles in the spring of 1963, the start of a lifelong association with the band and its members. He had a front-row seat as they elevated pop music into an art form, and he was present at the creation of some of the most iconic music of our times. Join Marc as he delves into the A-Zed of this amazing group to find their creative secrets!

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I Saw The Beatles – Episode 27 with guest Claudia Kilburn | Pop Culture

Welcome back to episode 27 of I Saw The Beatles! Our guest on this episode is Claudia Kilburn of the great Pacific Northwest. Claudia Saw The Beatles play at the Seattle Coliseum in 1964. You can also find her story in the book: We’re Going To See The Beatles by Garry Berman.

Source: I Saw The Beatles – Episode 27 with guest Claudia Kilburn 12/29 by I Saw The Beatles | Pop Culture

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Announcing the Best Beatles Book of 2020!

The readers and Beatles freaks around the world have spoken…and the Best Beatles Book of 2020 is…

The Beatles from A to Zed: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour: Asher, Peter: 9781250209597: Books

Congratulations to Peter Asher! His book – The Beatles A to Zed: An Alphabetical Mystery Tour will be featured on our homepage for all of 2021 with a link to buy it on Amazon!

Happy New Year to everyone…let’s hope it’s a good one!

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I Saw The Beatles – 2020 Holiday Message and Gratitude 

Welcome to the 2020 Holiday and Gratitude episode of I Saw The Beatles! There are so many people that have made this podcast a success that I needed an entire episode to thank them all. A special Thank You goes out to Beth Lennon for making all of this possible and to Cliff Hillis for his remarkable intro/outtro music made especially for I Saw The Beatles! And to Amy Hughes for designing our logos!

Source: I Saw The Beatles – 2020 Holiday Message and Gratitude

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Alert: Free Online Beatles Course

While perusing Facebook this morning, I saw an ad for Great Courses Plus offering a free online course about The Beatles. I decided to save all my readers the hassle of clicking on a Facebook ad (that only encourages more unwanted ads) and look into it myself.

The course is called England, the 1960s, and the Triumph of the Beatles and includes 12 lectures. Each lecture is about 25 minutes:

  1. The Magical Mystery of the Beatles
  2. Fateful Intersections in Liverpool

  3. Finding the Beat in the Beatles

  4. Nowhere Men: The Dark Side of the Beatles

  5. Beatles for Sale: Brian Epstein’s Genius

  6. The Cold War, JFK, and the Beatles

  7. The Beatles Conquer America

  8. The Englishness of A Hard Day’s Night

  9. Help! The Beatles at the Top in 1965

  10. Crossroads: The Beatles in 1966

  11. The Summer of Sgt. Pepper’s

  12. Hello, Goodbye: The End of the 1960s

From what I can make out from the website, once you’re registered and give them your credit card information, your 14 Day FREE Trail will begin. But here’s the fine print on the site with how to avoid having to pay for anything:

If you cancel, service access will terminate at the end of the current paid billing period. If you cancel during the free trial, access will remain until the end of the free trial period.
There is no refund for early termination.

I’m not sure how long this course has been offered, but the 26 reviews of it only go back one month, so it appears fairly new. It also appears to be the online Beatles related course on this site.

I feel the need to note that this is not an affiliate article. I get nothing for mentioning this course to you and am only doing to bring attention to something of interest to Beatles fans. So if you need something to do while staying home during the pandemic, you may want to check this out. I know I will be signing up…and then canceling the next day while still enjoying my 14 day free trail!

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I Saw The Beatles – Episode 25 with guest author Garry Berman 

Welcome back to Episode 25 of I Saw The Beatles! This week’s very special guest is Garry Berman. Garry, like a lot of us, never got to see the Beatles live, but he did interview many people who did and wrote a book about them and their experiences – ‘We’re Going to See the Beatles!’: An Oral History of Beatlemania as Told by the Fans Who Were There

Source: I Saw The Beatles – Episode 25 with guest author Garry Berman

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BEATLES, BEATMAKERS, MERSEYBEAT, AND ME - Kindle edition by Terry, Karl. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @ searching for Beatles books that were published this year for my Best Beatles Book 2020 Poll, I stumbled upon Beatles, Beatmakers, Merseybeat and Me by Karl TerryKarl hails from Liverpool and got to not only experience Beatlemania first hand, but he was also in several bands that over the early years considered The Beatles their contemporaries, their competition and eventually the band to emulate.

This 112 page e-book was just published July 4, 2020. And the fascinating thing about it is that it tells the story of what was going on in and around The Beatles during their early years and their heyday. There are plenty of books about The Beatles and other Merseybeat bands, but nothing quite like this one. Karl Terry will give you an inside perspective of what it was like to be one of the other bands in Liverpool in the 1960’s while talking about the other scouser bands he shared the stage and bill with.

But it’s not just about The Beatles and Liverpool. Karl will make you laugh out loud at some of the more outrageous stories and near disastrous happenings of his own band mates and himself as they toured France, Spain and Germany playing to beat loving audiences. How fast can a band get kicked out of a hotel?

If you enjoy traveling back to 1960’s Liverpool and the clubs of Germany, you’ll definitely love reading this short, but thrilling journey. And for that reason…

I rate this book, 3 out of 4 Beetles!





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I Saw The Beatles – Episode 24 with Kathy Bushnell  | Pop Culture

Welcome to Episode 24 of I Saw The Beatles! This weeks intriguing guest is Kathy Bushnell who after seeing the Beatles perform at Shea Stadium was inspired to save up to go invade music with her band Emily Muff. They would play the Royal Albert Hall in London. Listen to her story and then read her book – Em & Moo

Source: I Saw The Beatles – Episode 24 with Kathy Bushnell

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Book Review: “Dirty Rotten Scoundrel” by Greg Martin

Dirty Rotten Scoudrel Greg MartinOn October 3, 2020, I reviewed Greg Martin‘s newest book, Watch It All Come Down, about the his astrological forecast for the U.S. in the last several months of 2020. I didn’t give it a rating since some people believe in astrology and some don’t. As we near the end of the year, many of his predictions have not come to fruition. Then again, the year’s not over…but one can’t help but notice that he’s kinda backed off from mentioning them on his Facebook page recently.

I decided to look a little deeper into Martin’s background (beyond him being George Martin’s son), including his IMDb page, and I discovered that he had written a memoir in 2000 called Dirty Rotten ScoundrelAccording to the book cover…

He’s seduced thousands of women; He stole Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s heart; He’s wicked but gorgeous – You’ll love him.

Well readers, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Maybe with the publishing company that decided this book was worth publishing!  It seems Greg Martin wrote the book to dig himself out of a hole that was created when he became engaged to British actress Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. That name ring a bell? As an American, it means nothing to me, but apparently she was/is a hot commodity in England. The romance started and ended very badly in all of about 6 weeks total. Seems Greg thought he could straighten out the media damage that had been done by publishing his side of the story along with his sexual history in this book. In my opinion, he only does more damage.

I don’t know in what decade anyone would draw upon his stories and think, “Oh what a stud! I want to be just like him!”, but throughout these pages he is bedding women like Madonna and Sharon Stone, Greg claims that many men admire him for his skills as a playboy. Near the end of the book, he even lists tips for successfully seducing women.

Obviously, I’m not the only one that has felt this way about a book that seems to spend more time stroking Martin’s ego and trying to sell him as some sexual gift to women. He got quite the thrashing in The Guardian in March 2000 when a reporter interviewed him about his new book. I’ve attached a link at the bottom of this review for you to read for yourself.

I had to force myself to finish this book (for the sake of writing an honest review), without ever laughing even once, when the inside cover promised, “The anecdotes Greg has to tell are genuinely hilarious as he spills the beans about all his bizarre sexual encounters….” All I can say is – what the hell was he and his publishers thinking! And for that reason…

I rate this book….oh f*ck it…I can’t even rate it!

Mon, Mar 27, 2000 – 40 · The Guardian (London, Greater London, England) ·

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I Saw The Beatles – Episode 23 with Conni Ponturo | Pop Culture

Welcome back to Episode 23 of I Saw The Beatles! This weeks amazing guest is Conni Ponturo whose father surprised her with tickets to see the Beatles when she was 10 years old! And ten years ago, when she was working at the Oscars, she had the pleasure of meeting Paul McCartney backstage.

Source: I Saw The Beatles – Episode 23 with Conni Ponturo

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